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Helping you attract more customers and clients with words.

Yes, words. Simple, easy to overlook words. With the right combination of them (and the right copywriter), you can grow your business and make more money.

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Who I am:

My name is Trace, and I’m a copywriter. Over the course of my career, I’ve written for a lot of businesses, including serious, award-winning tech companies; quaint, family-oriented mom-and-pop bakeries; and playful, sustainable pet food brands. Regardless of the industry, I write high-quality content that speaks to your audience and gets you more clicks, views, and sales.

A writer that writes to encourage an action, advertise, or market. A copywriter might write a pop-up that’s meant to convince you to sign up for a newsletter, for example. Or they might write a product description to convince you to purchase a bar of soap.

The word copy (as in copywriter or ad copy) means “text” or “words”. Copywriters are a bit different from other writers because they write to persuade while other writers typically write to entertain or inform.

Note: There is some overlap between copywriters and other kinds of writers. The main difference between each kind is what they specialize in.

My Services:


  • Brand messaging
  • Creating your voice
  • Defining your company culture
  • Internet branding


  • Technical writing
  • Email writing
  • Web writing
  • Sales copywriting
  • Creative copywriting
  • Print copywriting


Anything that doesn’t fall under the copywriting umbrella

I excel at writing:

The difference between brands that last and brands that don’t is often personality. When you establish your personality, you separate yourself from all of the samey-same brands out there and forge a personal relationship with your audience. 

Personal = staying power

Staying power = customers who are willing to stay with you no matter what

You want copy that sounds like you because your customers shop at your business for you.

Whether you’re writing for customers, potential clients, or employees, it’s important to reflect their concerns back to them. A parent on the verge of tearing out their hair wants to hear that your daycare will give them much-needed alone time. A dog owner wants to know that you use the best possible ingredients. You want to make sure I know what I’m doing and can do it well.

Everyone has a concern. I address that concern head-on.

It’s not enough to get someone to pay attention to what you’re saying; you have to convince them to perform an action too.

You’re on this page now, but if I don’t get you to contact me, you might not ever visit my site again (click here to contact me, by the way). The same applies to your potential customers and clients.

Getting you to visit my webpage is good. Finding a way to make you stay in contact is best.

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Now you might be thinking...

“I can write. Why shouldn’t I write my own copy?”

You’re too close to the material.

You know your industry and products better than anyone, and that’s why people trust you. That’s also why you aren’t in the best position to talk about your offerings.

Like you, most experts don’t know how to relay information in a way their audience understands. Think of me as a bridge between your clients/customers and yourself. 

You don’t have time.

You’re a busy person. And you have a business to run. There’s no point in wasting days or months doing something a professional can take care of for you.

Every minute you spend writing is a minute spent not running your business.

Every minute I spend writing frees you to do your work while still getting amazing results.

You don’t have the experience.

If your brick-and-mortar shop needed a storefront sign, would you make it yourself or hire a professional?

I’ll give you a moment to think about it.


Mhm. You’d probably hire someone.

Copywriting is a skill, just like creating signs. And though you can technically write your website and marketing materials, there’s a fair chance you can’t do it well.

Your customers can tell the difference.

Say I gave you two shirts: one with uneven stitching, thread hanging away from it, and arms that were different lengths; and another that was perfect. Perfectly stitched, perfectly sewn, so nice that it would never occur to you to question the quality. Would you be able to tell which one was sewn by a skilled seamstress and which one was sewn by an amateur?

Your audience can tell the difference between the content you write and the content a professional writes too.

6 easy ways to tell if you need a copywriter

  1. Your content is full of typos.
  2. People leave your website too quickly.
  3. Your customers don’t understand what you do or what you’re offering.
  4. People visit your website, but few of them make purchases or sign up for your newsletter.
  5. Your newsletter’s open rates are low.
  6. Everything you write is boring, boring, boring.

Of course, you don’t have to need my services to want my services.

If you’re looking for a freelance copywriter to continue the great work you’ve been doing while producing content that your already loyal base will love, I’m here to help.

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