TB Fontil

Results-Driven Copywriter


A minimalist illustration of a frowning person holding a puzzle piece. They are clearly looking for someone to complete the piece.

About You:

You’re a business professional. You don’t have time to test and try people hoping something works out, so you want it to go well the first time, on the very first try.

You're looking for:

• Creativity
• Dependability
• A freelancer who’s easy to work with

Whether or not you know it, I’m exactly what you need.

A minimalist illustration of a smiling person offering a puzzle piece that is meant to complete the piece someone else has. This image represents a freelance copywriter solving problems.

About Me:

Hi, my name is Trace. In the past, I’ve been a journalist, editor, teacher, and dog wrangler. Now, I’m a copywriter (and I’m pretty good at it).

My friends describe me as a curious perfectionist – someone who’s always chasing new information and perfect results. Over the years, I’ve learned to balance my perfectionism with deadlines, so I’m a productive, effective writing machine.

My employers have said:

“You really do excel at adopting brand voices. It’s like we wrote [this] ourselves.”

“You’re good. But it’s not just that you’re good. I think I could find good anywhere, but you’re a pleasure to work with too. Prompt, able to take on urgent requests, considerate.”

“Trace writes like she has a personal stake in our business. A lot of people clock in for the paycheque and clock back out, but she’s not that. She’s better than you even think she is.”

I can’t tell you if we’re a good match, but I can say that I make it easy for you to find out if we are. All you have to do is contact me.

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