TB Fontil

Results-Driven Copywriter

App Development

  • For: Chicago Scholars
  • Aim: Develop logos, a loading screen, manifestos, and a display ad for several app concepts. The target audience is underprivileged students who plan on pursuing advanced education.
  • Tone: Hopeful, youthful, inspiring

FORM manifesto:

The next generation of leaders is out there. Waiting for their shot. Their chance to show the world what they are capable of. And having the right tools at their disposal is crucial to their success and helping them form their future. Form relationships. Form communities. And most importantly, form themselves. Because your future is what you make of it. What form will your future take?

UpSpace manifesto:

Up is always the final destination at UpSpace. Regardless of where your journey takes you, we want to give you the tools to advance in your academic and professional careers. What that looks like is up to you, but you’ll have peers and mentors here who can guide you as you progress. When you’re ready for it, you might even be able to help others too.

REACH manifesto:

Every dream starts with a spark – an idea that seems beyond your reach and ability. That’s what makes them worthwhile; they exist outside of your here and now, and the only way to achieve them is to learn, plan, and chase. Along the way, you gather skills, friends, and acquaintances until, finally, the dream is within your grasp.

What happens then?

You get a new dream.

Reach out. Reach up. Reach down. Reach for your dreams with REACH, the app designed for scholars and mentors who want to achieve their goals while giving back to their communities.

Join the app now. Our active community is ready to reach out to you too.

THRIVE manifesto:

We are a community of leaders, thinkers, and scholars, and we’ve all come from trying circumstances. Despite that – or maybe because of that – we’ve all aimed for bigger and better.

We think you’re like us, and we’d like to invite you to join our community.

Here, you’ll be surrounded by individuals at all levels of their personal development – students who have no idea what they want to do just yet; professionals who are interested in a career change; seasoned experts who have the knowledge and experience to help you grow.

We all thrive in communities, but in this community, you’ll be able to give back as much as you get. The goal is to help you thrive so you can help others too.

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