TB Fontil

Results-Driven Copywriter

Demand Gen Campaign

  • For: Petro-Canada Lubricants
  • Aim: Create three concepts to convince people to get in touch with our representatives and learn more about our turbine engine oil. Those concepts will be used to shape a mailer box, LinkedIn posts, a landing page, and three emails.
  • Tone: High-energy, approachable

Concept 1:

We’ve got you.

We’re all about helping you succeed. Learn how TURBOFLO can improve your turbine’s performance and get a boost of your own with a novelty mug.

Concept 2:

Two challenges. One solution.

Turbine engine oils have to withstand two things: high heat and extreme pressure. Our bifurcated box addresses both challenges and comes with themed novelty items (for heat, a water bottle; for pressure, a stress ball in the shape of an oil drum).

Concept 3:

Let’s talk.

We know, we know — people ask you to talk to them all the time. We’re asking you to do that too, but in a slightly funner (and funnier) way. Open up our box, pop out the item inside, attach it to your phone, and you can speak through the handheld headset like you did in days of old.

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