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Radio Script

  • Platform: Radio
  • For: BP Mobile
  • Aim: Get springtime customers to call BP Mobile for a detail.
  • Tone: Humorous, relatable, gently ribbing
  • Audience: Spot written for a country music station in a farm-heavy and foliage-covered area (highly susceptible to pollen and other obvious debris)

Woman: Is that your SUV outside?

Female Host: It is!

Woman: I love the color. That green is to die for.

Female Host: What green?

(A beat)

Woman: The paint. Yours is the one under the tree, isn’t it?

Female host: Yes. …but I think that’s pollen.

Male host: Pst. I have a guy who can help. Call BP Mobile, and they’ll get your car back to its usual dishwater gray.

Female host: It’s a white car, [name].

Male host: Oh.

Announcer: Whether your car is white, black, green, or dishwater gray, our 5-star cleaning crew will get it back to the color it’s supposed to be. Call BP Mobile at [number] today.

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