TB Fontil

Results-Driven Copywriter


Prices are an important part of any buyer journey, which is why I included my starting prices below. The price I actually quote you will depend on the specifics of the project you want me to take on.

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Why I charge what I charge:

The world’s all about fast and cheap.

But if you go that route, that’s what you get out the other end too:

Work that looks like it was made quickly.

Work that looks like it was made cheaply.

I’ve had people say, “I have to be honest with you: I can get the job done cheaper on Fiverr.”

I won’t lie to you. You probably can.

But cheap prices often result in shoddy work, and you might find yourself paying for your initial hesitance out the other end.

Why are my prices what they are? Because I’m giving you:

– High-quality, consistent work that you won’t have to redo
– A good work experience, which includes meeting our deadlines
– A promise to honor your mission

I won’t be juggling so many clients that I can’t focus on giving you the copy you need. I won’t be so overwhelmed that I can’t deliver your work on time or at all. And I won’t burn out because I failed to take care of myself while taking care of you. My rates ensure that we can have a long, productive, and stable relationship that you and I benefit from.

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